Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the say things will get better ?

...at least that's what i hope, what I've noticed in the past weekend is that i am a very dependant person, and so have all my other friends. Well at least i noticed first ? it seems so, that when you pour your heart out to someone, and tell them EXACTLY how you feel, they never really get exactly how you feel. Or maybe that's just the way my situation went.. ughhh and i really don't know how to fix this, or maybe it really isn't my job to fix ? idk... It seemed to me that my entire world came crashing down in a matter of a weekend.. what I don't understand is how something that we had could have changed in a matter of two days... TWO DAYS!. I'm beginning to think that there were never any real feelings to begin with.. but of course according to him i was "sadly mistaken".. whatever.. you could have made it work, you should have made it work, but i wasn't trying hard enough?? bullshit. It was just as bitch way to get out of something that he couldnt handle...maybe im being a bit dramatic? but dont I have that right?..ughhh maybe things will get better..cuz right not, it aint lookin so hot.


  1. aww, Sie.
    that's some ol'poooo! boys are sooo difficult to understand sometimes and can be very simple.

    if it was really meant to be, then it will be!

    keep your head up lil'mama C: lls. ILY girlie!