Monday, April 12, 2010

..havent written in a while soo.. goes. I have come to realize that being with someone doesnt necessarily make you happy.. I mean the feeling of always having someone can be the best feeling in the world, but sometimes its just not meant to be.. As for me,, im pretty much taking a break from the opposite sex for a while,, not to say im goinn gay; just taking a break.. I realized I need to find someone who is in tune with me. Maybe I should just do what everyone else says, wait. But i hate waiting so there in lies a problem.. Ive always been told "one day you'll find that person" well i feel like that day is gonna be a cold day in hell.. Maybe i just need to higher my standards? Compile a list of do's and dont's and when i find a person, compare them to what i want? idkkk, maybe one day everything in my world will fall right where its supposed to, but as for now?... it aint looking to hot.

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